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Why WonderSlim Works - Watch 3 Success Stories

WonderSlim's weight loss programs, used by thousands, are designed around high-protein, portion-controlled meals with a focus on flavor. The program itself is built to not get boring and to build healthier habits that last beyond the plan itself.

We're proud of the success stories* from our WonderSlim customers, who each seem to find a different reason they love the plan! Hear about a few of their journeys for yourself in the short videos below.

Jennifer Lost 115 lbs. with WonderSlim*

For Jennifer, the key to success was that the program was low-calorie, but still made her full.

Jane Lost 100 lbs. with WonderSlim*

In what is an incredible story, Jane is Jennifer's sister and tried the plan after seeing her results. Jennifer was motivated by seeing results quickly, which motivated her to stick to it.

Justin Lost 46 lbs. with WonderSlim*

Justin talks about how happy he is with how he looks and feels after using the WonderSlim Diet Plan for 7 months.

If you like the idea of delicious foods on a plan that you can stick to, like these customers, learn more about our WonderSlim Diet Kits here, or give it a 3-Day try with the WonderSlim EasyStart Premium Plan here.

*Compensated customers. Results not typical. Weight loss will vary based on starting weight and program adherence. You should also not substitute any advice on this site for a physician or other health care professional's advice. Consult a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program.