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No-Cook Weight Loss Meal Plan Ideas

Main image courtesy of Unsplash.

In order to successfully lose weight, you need to make sure you’re fueling your body with the right nutrients. You want to ensure you’re eating enough to stay full, and that what you choose to consume will help you feel great and drop the weight. There’s all kinds of choices out there, and it can feel a little overwhelming at times. This is especially true if you don’t consider yourself a cook, or you don’t have the extra time to put together a healthy, home-cooked meal. And that’s okay! There are lots of other options available to you, such as no-cook weight loss meal plan ideas.

You don’t have to be a chef to put these options together, and they’re all a great way to ensure you’re nourishing your body, staying full, and ending the day with a calorie deficit. In today’s article, we’re covering:

  • What the no-cook weight loss meal plan is
  • The top foods to include in your no-cook diet to lose weight
  • No-cook weight loss meals anyone can make

What is the no-cook weight loss plan?

Want to lose weight without all the cooking? This plan could be for you.

salad on a tablecloth with pepper and salt shakers
No-cook meal plans that will help you lose weight and feel great? Sign us up! Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Making the decision to lose weight and eat healthier is a great choice for your overall health. When you take control over what you put in your body, you’re making an investment in your long term health. Staying active and getting the nutrients your body needs each day is a great way to avoid chronic inflammation and other conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. A lot of folks think that in order to eat healthy, they have to be great cooks, or at least willing to put in the time it takes to prepare healthy meals.

While cooking your meals is a goof way to ensure you’re getting a balanced diet, it isn’t the only way. The no-cook weight loss meal plan is great for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with all the prep that goes into traditional meal planning and cooking. Anyone can decide that they want to follow this plan, and you can even include it in your traditional dieting plan—just choose certain days of the week or meals that you want to be hassle-free and require no cooking. 

No-cook meals can still be low in calories, healthy, and filling—you don’t have to resign yourself to eating rice cakes and granola mix! You can easily find recipes that you can put together at home, and only require the use of a toaster or a microwave, and some recipes don’t even require that. 

No-cook meal plans also allow you to control how many calories you want to have at each meal and as snacks. If you’d prefer to have smaller breakfasts and your largest meal at lunch, you can easily find recipes that will accommodate this. Likewise, if you know you always need a snack in between lunch and dinner, you can easily include those calories into your daily totals. Calorie tracking apps like My Fitness Pal or Lose It Calorie Counter make it easy to track the amount of calories so you can accurately meet your target. 

Are there certain foods you should include in order to lose weight?

What are the top foods you should include in your no-cook meal prepping?

You don’t have to break the bank when you’re shopping for ingredients for your no-cook meals. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

We all know that not all foods are created equal, and it’s important that any diet focuses on the right ones. This is especially important if you have a specific weight goal that you want to reach. Another important aspect to keep in mind is your food budget, and what you can comfortably afford. One of the best parts of a no-cook weight loss plan is that it takes advantage of a variety of foods that you can find in any grocery store, so you won’t have to worry about having to find specialty ingredients at different stores.

There are a few foods you should make sure you include in your meals in order to feel full, and lose the weight.

  • Beans. Beans are a fantastic, low cost option for protein. When you’re dieting, you’ve got to make sure you feel full, and the protein in beans can do just that. Not to mention there are all kinds of varieties of beans, and you can use them in lots of different ways. Beans also have fiber, which is essential to your gut and keeps you feeling fuller for longer periods of time.
  • Soups. Soups are also easy to include in your routine, especially if you have them before meals or accompanying them. Try finding soups that contain beans or lentils, which is a great way to stay full. Make sure you’re targeting broth-based soups instead of cream-based soups, as those tend to be higher in calories.
  • Yogurt. Yogurt is a very versatile food that you should definitely be eating regularly if you want to drop those extra pounds. Mix in some berries, nuts, or home-made granola for a more filling snack, or just eat it on its own. There’s a good amount of protein in yogurt, which will keep you from overeating or snacking when you’re not hungry.
  • Nuts. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, and peanuts are full of those good fats, and you don’t need to munch on a lot of them to feel satisfied. 
  • Whole fruits. Of course whole fruits should be a part of your routine as well. Whether you want to pick up apples, oranges, bananas, or grapefruits, these are healthy, easy snacks that require almost no prep work. 

In addition to including these foods, when you head out to the grocery store, make sure you also pick up leafy vegetables like spinach or kale, filling fruits like avocados, and frozen veggies and brown rice that are easy to pop into the microwave. In order to increase your protein, you’ll want to include eggs and meats like chicken and tuna, but don't worry, you don’t have to do the cooking with these ingredients either!

Pick up premade Egg Beaters, frozen sausage, canned tuna, or rotisserie chicken from the deli. These are easy to find, and you can prepare your meals without having to cook them.

No-cook weight loss meals anyone can make

These meals are so easy to put together, and there’s no labor intensive cooking to worry about!

meal shake replacement box wonderslim
A meal replacement shake is one of the best ways to fill up and stay on track to meet your calorie needs. Image courtesy of Diet Direct.

If you’re looking for a super easy way to fill up and nourish your body, consider picking up a WonderSlim Meal Replacement Shake! All you need to do is add the single serving packet to a glass, pour in 8 ounces of water, and mix. This makes it easy to enjoy this shake at home,  when you’re at work, or on the go. In each shake you’ll find 15 grams of calcium caseinate protein, which is a slow digesting protein to help you feel fuller for longer. You’ll also only have 100 calories, 24 vitamins and minerals, and 8 delicious flavors (plus a variety pack) to choose from. 

This is a great way to get the nutrients your body needs, without having to prepare a full meal. Whether you have it as a snack, or use it to replace a meal, you can rest assured you’re making the right, healthy choice.

protein meal bar bariwse box
This bar is your new favorite no-cook meal replacement solution! Image courtesy of Diet Direct.

The BariWise Protein Meal Bar is the perfect solution when you want something filling that will also keep you energized and satisfied. Made with 15 grams of protein and 9-10 grams of fiber, these bars are designed to satisfy your hunger, as well as give you the energy you need, regardless of what the day has in store. With just 160 calories, 20 essential vitamins and minerals, 4-6 net carbs, and 2 grams of sugar these bars are sure to pack a punch. Grab one on busy days or when you’re pressed for time and you want to make sure you give your body something nourishing, without compromising your healthy choices. 

wonderslim protein cereal box
Who says cereal can’t be both filling and healthy? Image courtesy of Diet Direct.

Another fantastic no-cook meal is WonderSlim’s Protein Cereal. This is a great way to ensure you’re getting the protein you need to start your day, without all the carbs and sugar that other cereals can have. Each packet is perfectly portioned, so you know exactly how many calories and nutrients are in each serving. With 14-16 grams of plant based protein, 3-4 grams of fiber, 4 grams of net carbs, 120 calories, and 1 gram of sugar or less, you will stay satisfied and keep those hunger pangs at bay. You could eat this cereal with skim milk in the morning, or choose to eat it dry right out of the package as a snack!

If you want to try your hand at more meals, these recipes are super easy to put together, and are all no-cook healthy options:

You don’t have to cook meals for them to be healthy! 

You have lots of options when it comes to healthy eating, including a variety of no-cook meals to help you lose weight. Whether you’re short on time, or just don’t feel like cooking, turn to these options and stick to your weight loss plan!