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High Protein Cookies That Will Ease Your Sugar Cravings

Image courtesy of Healthy Fitness Meals

Losing weight isn’t always easy, especially when you have a sweet tooth. When you constantly crave dessert, keeping your calories low for the day can be really tough to do. One small dessert can pack hundreds of calories and ruin all the progress you’ve made throughout the day. But the solution isn’t to give up dessert. You can still have dessert and lose weight, especially when you eat ones that are packed with protein. 

If you want to lose weight and still enjoy dessert on a regular basis, you can do that by eating protein desserts. One protein dessert that you can be sure to find a lot of are protein cookies. With protein cookies, you can have a small dessert after a meal and not worry about packing on the pounds. Protein cookies are healthier than the average cookie, and we can point you to where to find them. 

  • How protein can help you lose weight
  • The best high protein cookies
  • Where to find high protein cookies

How Does Protein Help You Lose Weight?

Protein has what you need for a successful weight loss journey. 

a table with food and measuring tape
Everything here is more filling than most foods. Image courtesy of News Medical

Protein can help you lose weight for a few different reasons. It is filling and nutritious, and the more of it you eat, the less tempted you will be to binge on foods that can make you gain weight. Unlike with carbs and fat, the more protein you eat, the easier it is to lose weight. 

Protein is a nutrient the body uses to grow and repair its cells. It provides your body fuel and also builds muscle. By eating more protein, your body will build more muscle and lose fat. Protein will make you feel fuller longer, helping the weight loss process, and it can also help in many more ways. When you want to lose weight, protein should always be a priority for you. Here are all the reasons that protein helps you lose weight:

  • Protein is a building block. Protein builds muscle, which is why it is ideal to get a lot of it. If you are getting exercise, your muscles will develop little tears. When your body gets protein, it works to repair all those tears over time. The more protein you get, the quicker your muscles will be repaired, and the less sore you will be from a tough workout. 
  • Protein fills you up. Because protein is filling, the more of it you eat, the less of everything else you will want to eat. Protein is a lot more filling than carbs and fat,so when you fill your plate, make sure you add more protein to the mix than you add carbs. As you eat less of your calories from carbs and more from protein, you will eventually start to see a difference. You will stay full for a lot longer, leading you to snack less over time. 
  • Protein burns calories. Protein burns more calories when being digested than any other type of food. It burns a lot of calories because it takes a long time to digest. Your body spends a lot of energy digesting food, so the longer food takes to digest, the more fat you will eventually burn. Protein can help you burn a good amount of fat even in your sleep. 
  • Reduces frequent cravings. When you don’t eat enough protein, it results in cravings, and these cravings can lead to binge eating and weight gain. When you’re still hungry after a meal, you can be tempted to eat all kinds of things to satisfy yourself, including high calorie snacks and desserts. Protein will prevent that hunger for a long time and keep you from filling up on anything that can derail your diet. 

High Protein Cookies for Weight Loss

These cookies are more filling than the average cookie. 

High Protein Cookies for Weight Loss
Each of these has a different flavor, nutrition profile, and packaging. Image courtesy of Yahoo

When it comes to protein desserts, one that you can be sure to find is protein cookies. Cookies are a dessert favorite, and something you don’t have to give up entirely just to lose weight. Protein cookies come with a lot more protein than the average cookie, and a lot less of other ingredients like fat and sugar. Most protein cookies are made to be sweet and replicate the taste and texture of the average cookie. Many may not end up tasting exactly the same, but they should be good enough to satisfy your occasional cravings for sweets. Switching out regular cookies for protein cookies can have a huge impact on your diet. 

Wonderslim Protein Cookie 

Wonderslim Protein Cookies
These cookies don’t look too different from the average chocolate chip cookies. Image courtesy of Diet Direct

These Wonderslim protein cookies from Diet Direct will let you experience the best of both worlds: high flavor and low carbs. These cookies are perfect as an on the go snack, a post workout reward, or dessert after a meal. They have 170 calories a cookie, much less than the average cookie, and come with 0g net carbs. Additionally there are 10 grams of protein per serving and they are infused with grass fed collagen for healthy hair, nails, and joints, and they come with chocolate chips. 

Quest Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie

The Quest chocolate chip protein cookie is soft and chewy, and low in carbs and sugar. Each cookie comes individually wrapped and is made with complete dairy based proteins. Each cookie comes with 15 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbs, and less than 1 gram of sugar. Each cookie will provide you with 9 essential amino acids and 9 grams of fiber. These cookies are sweet without all the added sugar, and easy to carry around for on the go snacking. Place these cookies in your backpack, your car, or your gym bag and be ready to get a sweet protein boost from anywhere. 

Lenny & Larry Plant Based Protein Cookie

Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie is a filling snack that doesn’t skimp on flavor. They sell cookies in a variety of flavors, so you can try strawberry shortcake, apple pie, chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia and more. They have over 10 sweet flavors for you to try, and each cookie comes with 16 grams of plant based protein and 10 grams of fiber. 

High Key Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you want a variety of keto friendly cookies that pack a good dose of protein, reach for a High Key Protein Cookie. These cookies are low carb, gluten free, low sugar, and made with all clean ingredients. These cookies also come in a big bag that offers up several bites in one go, so you can snack like normal without all the drawbacks. 

ProtiDiet Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies

ProtiDiet Protein chocolate chip cookies will help you diet without the guilt. These cookies come without all the fat, sugar, and calories packed into regular cookies. They are made with a special blend of whey, soy, and milk proteins, and are packed with chocolate chips. Each cookie comes with 15 grams of protein, and 170 calories. They even come packed with potassium and calcium to contribute more to your overall health. These protein cookies are also available in triple chocolate chip! 

Prozis Protein Cookie

Prozis protein cookie is an organic protein cookie that resembles an Oreo. It also tastes a lot like an Oreo too. These cookies are made with two cocoa cookies with a creamy vanilla filling. These cookies are meant to be eaten the same way you’d eat a regular cookie, except it comes with a lot more benefits and a lot less calories. These cookies pack 18 percent more protein than the average cookie, 61 percent fewer sugars, and 27 percent fewer carbs. They also come free of aspartame, preservatives, and colorings. Take these cookies wherever you go for a quick, healthy treat. 

How Should You Enjoy High Protein Cookies?

Anyone who eats a regular bag of chocolate chip cookies is unlikely to stop at just one. Most of the time, we can happily eat cookie after cookie while we pack on the pounds. Protein cookies aren’t meant to be eaten that way. You’re supposed to eat them sparingly, rather than eat a whole box of them on the couch one day. Do your best to have just one cookie at a time, or at most two. Keep your daily calorie requirements and the calories in the cookies in mind when making this decision. 

Protein cookies can be eaten as a snack, as a dessert, and before or after meals. If you are normally out for several hours each day, carrying a protein cookie with you can help you refuel if you are still a long way from going home. If you like to take long jogs or bike rides, you can take a protein cookie with you to give you a boost of energy so you can finish what you started. 

So which protein cookies will you choose to enjoy?

High protein cookies can help you lose weight over time because they make a great replacement for regular cookies and come packed with more nutrients. When you eat the average cookie, you are tempted to keep eating more, but protein cookies are a lot more filling, so you’ll want to eat a lot less. All you need to do is choose the right protein cookie for you and you can be on your way to getting better results. Do you want a cookie that is more creamy, cakey, or crumbly? You can try them all and decide what you like best.