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Interview: Why These Sisters Decided to Try WonderSlim

Interview: Why These Sisters Decided to Try WonderSlim

August 29, 2022

Posted in: Diet Plans

This year, we sat down for a lengthy discussion with two sisters who had an incredible story to tell, losing 100 pounds each on the WonderSlim program. Jennifer and Jane discussed their personal struggles with weight loss and dreams they wanted to achieve as an individual, mother and sister.

They sum up their inspiring story best when they say "if we can do it, you can do it." Check out these clips where each discusses what prompted their decision to want to lose weight and try the WonderSlim program.

"I Used to Hide From Cameras"

Jennifer reveals something that many of us can relate to as she describes the great lengths she would take to make sure there were no pictures of her.

"Who is That Person?"

In this clip, Jane talks about how she struggled all her life to find a diet she could stick to and maintain results. After finally feeling like she didn't recognize herself, she decided to make a change.

"The Smile on Her Face..You Could Tell She Was Confident"

After not seeing her sister Jennifer for some time, Jane was amazed so much by the change in her sister that she was inspired to do the same thing. And she did!

Check back to the blog soon for more incredible testimonials from the sisters themselves, about their successful weight loss journey together.