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Interested in a Weight Loss Drink Mix? Know Your Options!

If you’ve decided your goal is to start living a healthy lifestyle and drop a few pounds, you’re not alone. Over half of Americans consider this to be one of the targets they’re working on, and are busy dedicating the time and effort to lose weight. But sometimes changing your diet and getting more exercise don’t seem to be getting you where you want to be, and this can be frustrating to anyone. After all, a lot of factors contribute to how much (and how quickly) you can lose weight, including your age, sex, medical conditions, and genes.

But there are things we can do to help us reach those goals, like making smart choices when it comes to what we eat—like including weight loss drink mixes to our routine. If you’re looking for a little help when it comes to losing weight, you’ve come to the right places because today we’re discussing:

  • What weight loss drink mixes are
  • Who should use drink mixes
  • Our top weight loss drink mix selections

What are weight loss drink mixes anyway?

Get straight on what these drink mixes are, and what they offer!

cup of coffee in a mug
Weight loss drink mixes are an easy way to supplement your healthy lifestyle. Adding them to your routine may be just the boost you need to take the weight off. Image courtesy of Diet Direct.

When you’re on a weight loss routine it’s important to keep a healthy diet, exercise, and stick to a good sleep schedule. Many drinks available today are full of sugars, calories, and carbs that would derail anyone’s diet, so it’s no surprise you may only think that you can consume water if you want to lose weight. While drinking water to stay hydrated is essential everyday, it’s not the only drink you have when you’re on a weight loss path.

Weight loss drink mixes are a great option that you can include in your daily regimine. Typically these are mixes you consume that are in powder form that you add to water. The benefit of weight loss drink mixes is that they can do more than just hydrate you, they can help you feel fuller longer, so you’re not tempted to snack on unhealthy food!

Good weight loss mixes include the right amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals, and leave out the excessive calories, sugar, and carbs that you want to avoid. When you’re not worried about feeling hungry and depleted, you have more energy to stick to your exercise routine and start seeing some real results.

You can find weight loss mixes in a variety of flavors, so you’ll never have to worry about getting burned out. Plus, satisfying flavors means you don’t feel like you’re missing out on sweet treats once in a while. Mixes typically come in a portable, on-the-go packet or container, which makes them super convenient to take with you to work, or when you know you’re not going to have a chance to eat a meal for a few hours.

Who should start drinking weight loss drink mixes?

Can anyone drink weight loss mixes?

If you’re serious about reaching your weight loss goals, consider adding in drink mixes to your routine. Keep in mind, these drinks are not meant to replace your water intake, everyone should still work to include water throughout the day. Drink mixes should be consumed in addition to water, and are a part of a healthy diet.

Do some research first to determine what brand you think would help you reach your goals. You want to purchase drink mixes from a company that is transparent about what’s in their products, so you know whether or not it aligns with your objectives.

It also might not be a bad idea to consult with your healthcare professional about adding weight loss drink mixes to your day. They may even be able to guide you towards a few that they would recommend!

Are there side effects?

Most people can drink weight loss mixes with no problem, however be sure to read the label of your supplement to ensure there isn’t a high amount of caffeine or other ingredient you are allergic to. If your body has too much caffeine, you can experience side effects like:

  • Rapid heart beat
  • Nervousness
  • Irritability

Our top 4 drink mixes for weight loss

Try out these weight loss mixes and reach your goals!

WonderSlim Protein Fruit Drink

protein fruit drink in a glass
This refreshing, fruity drink is a great way to fill up with protein. Image courtesy of Diet Direct.

Want to add something refreshing to your diet that doesn’t have all the extra sugar of other fruit drinks? Then consider picking up WonderSlim’s Protein Fruit Drink! You’ll love the refreshing taste of this, which comes in Cran-Grape, Berry Blend, and Tangy Orange (plus a variety pack!) Add some ice and you’ve got yourself the perfect beverage for a hot day, or to cool down after an intense workout.

Each packet has only 60 calories, less than 0 grams of fat, and 12 grams of protein. Did we mention that it also includes your daily dose of vitamin C? That’s right, drinking this will not only keep you full, but will help boost your immune system so your body can stay healthy.

WonderSlim Fiber Drink

wonderslim fiber drink box
Most people don’t get enough fiber in their diet. You can change that when you regularly drink WonderSlim’s Fiber Drink! Image courtesy of Diet Direct.

In addition to protein drinks, did you know that a fiber drink will also help you stay full so you can curb your snacking throughout the day? The WonderSlim Fiber Drink is a great mix to try, especially if you love iced tea, but want to avoid all the sugar that usually comes with it. With only 15 calories a serving, 7 essential vitamins and minerals, and a full 5 grams of fiber, you’ll never miss those sugary drinks!

Lack of fiber is one of the main reasons people get hungry throughout the day and start to snack on unhealthy foods. With this drink mix, you’ll be contributing to your daily fiber count, and getting 50% of the daily value of vitamin C. These packets contain 1 net carbs, 0 grams of sugar, and 0 grams of fat, making them the perfect addition to your weight loss routine.

WonderSlim Protein Hot Drink

wonderslim protein hot drink box
Curl up with a delicious, chocolatey hot cocoa that’s actually good for you! Image courtesy of Diet Direct.

Craving something warm that is also packed with protein and easy to take with you no matter where you’re headed? Then the WonderSlim Protein Hot Drink is just the cozy, soothing drink you need. All you need is warm water or milk, and you have yourself a decadent drink mix that won’t ruin your weight loss agenda. Each packet contains 12 grams of protein, 70-80 calories, 3-5 net carbs, and 1 gram of fat per serving.

The weather doesn’t have to be cold outside for you to enjoy the delicious flavors of the original hot chocolate, cappuccino, and creamy original with marshmallows, as these drinks are the perfect pick me up in the afternoon, or as you’re winding down at night.

WonderSlim FAST-BOOST Energy Drink Mix

fast boost packets on top of slices of oranges

Keep your energy levels up, and support your immune system and brain at the same time. Image courtesy of Diet Direct.

Looking for a weight loss drink mix that also works to give you a much-needed energy boost? Then look no further than WonderSlim Fast-Boost Energy Drink Mix. These packets are easy to take with you, and only need to be mixed with water in order to get their full benefits. You’ll love that they contain 0 grams of sugar, only 15 calories per serving, and come in delicious orange or berry flavors. Staying hydrated throughout the day keeps your metabolism up, so why not add this healthy drink mix so you can reach your weight goals sooner?

The energy support comes from green tea, ginseng, caffeine, and B12, for a boost that’s long lasting, without the jitters or excess sugar of other drink mixes. Additionally, this drink mix also provides immune system and brain function support by including vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, quercetin, ginseng, and gingko, which is a great way to stay focused and keep your immune system functioning at its best.

Forget the drinks with the caffeine and sugar crashes, and sip on a delicious energy drink mix any time of day!

That wraps up our favorite weight loss drink mixes

You’ve got a busy schedule, and sometimes it’s hard to stick to a healthy diet because there’s so many snacking options out there. The convenience of drink mixes is unmatched when it comes to healthy snacking—all you need is your water bottle! So say goodbye to cravings and stay fuller longer with one of these weight loss drink mixes.