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Exercise Do's and Don'ts

As you continue with your exercise program, here are some general guidelines to follow and remember:


...drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise

...dress properly

...wear well-made shoes appropriate for your activity

...breathe when doing strength training


...bounce when you stretch

...wear rubber suits to increase sweating straight leg sit ups — bend your knees

...exercise right after eating — wait 2 hours

...take a hot sauna, shower or steam bath until 10 minutes after exercising

One of the goals of the Get Active! program is to help you find new and creative ways to increase your activity level to help you lose weight faster. By simply altering some of your usual routines, you can increase your activity level and have fun too!

The following bathroom exercises can be used as supplemental activities to your exercise program. Or, they can be combined with stretching exercises to create routines to use on days you don’t plan to walk. Review and try each activity listed below.

Toothbrush Tush PushTowel TonerUpside Down Toe Touches1. Music on, paste on brush.

2. Stand tall, feet apart and toes turned out.

3. Toothbrush in hand - bend your knees and straighten in time to the music. The American Dental Association recommends brushing for one to two minutes. Keep time to the music and do the toothbrush tush push for two minutes.

1. Music on, stand with your feet apart.

2. Grab the towel, arms up and hold it taut behind your head.

3. Bend side to side, repeat 12 times to each side.

4. Make it fun - get into the beat with the music.

1. Music on, stand with your feet apart.

2. Bend from the waist and dry your hair upside down.

3. Use your free arm to reach for your toes; count to 10.

4. Switch arms and use the other arm to reach for your toes; count to 10.

5. Do this until your hair is dry.

Try It Activity

Tomorrow, begin to do the Toothbrush Tush Push each time you brush your teeth. Do this for 3 days and HAVE FUN! Then, on the fourth day, add the Towel Toner after you do the Toothbrush Tush Push. Finally, the next time you wash your hair, try the Upside Down Toe Touches!

Increase your walking program to a 20 minute walk, 4 times per week. If you are already at this level, try a 25 minute walk, 4 times per week. Remember to warm up and cool down. On the days you don’t plan to walk, do two stretching exercises and the bathroom exercises noted above.

Be sure to take your heart rate before, during and after your walking routine. Continue to try to achieve a heart rate between the two numbers you calculated at the beginning of the program. Remember, if your heart rate is below the lowest number, try walking a bit faster to increase the intensity of your walk (and your heart rate). If your heart rate is above the highest number, CAUTION...decrease the intensity of your walk to lower your heart rate.

Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.