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Can You Have Protein Shakes on Keto?

Are protein meal shakes allowed when you’re following the keto diet? Let’s find out!

Although it can end up being a lot of work, diet and exercise are still the best ways to lose weight. Restricting your calories and finding the time to get more movement throughout the day are essential if you want to reach your weight loss goals. While some people start to make adjustments to what they’re eating so they consume less, others choose to follow a specific diet in order to shed those pounds.

One of the most popular diets that consistently help folks lose weight is the keto diet. While it may seem restrictive, it’s actually an efficient way to lose weight. But what are some of the things you can and cannot have while on this diet? Glad you asked because in today’s article we’re going to discuss:

  • What is allowed on the keto diet
  • Whether or not you can have protein shakes on keto
  • Our top protein shakes you need to try right now!

What’s allowed on the keto diet?

What can you expect to eat on the keto diet?

The keto diet is all about getting most of your calories from high fat foods. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

If you finally want to lose any extra weight you’ve been carrying around, going on the ketogenic diet is one of the best ways to do that. The guidelines of this diet include increasing the amount of fats consumed, consuming moderate amounts of protein, and very little carbs. Throughout the day, you’ll aim to consume no more than 5% of your calories from carbs, 20% from protein sources, and 75% of your calories from foods that are high in fat. This means you’ll be eating more items such as meat, eggs, cheese, butter, oil, and nuts and cutting out carb heavy foods such as bread, pasta, and rice.

However, there is more than one way to do keto. Have you heard of keto 2.0? It’s very similar to keto, but with less strict guidelines that consist of a 50/30/20 breakdown of fat, protein, and carbs. With more wiggle room for carbs, you can enjoy more veggies, whole grains, and legumes. Some people have even gone so far as to adapt the diet to 40/40/20, fats, protein, and carbs and have had success losing weight. Which option you choose to follow is up to you!

These guidelines force your body to go into ketosis, when it starts to burn ketones that are produced in the liver as the primary source of energy. When you stick to these plans, you’ll start to see the weight fall off as your body continues to run in ketosis. Because it may be difficult for you to stick to the traditional keto diet for the long term, keto 2.0 (or other similar versions) and lifestyle chances may be your best bet.

When you opt to include healthy, nourishing food into your day, and commit to an exercise routine, you’re more likely to stick to it—regardless of whether you’re strictly following the keto diet for the long term.

Can you have protein shakes on keto?

Are protein shakes considered keto and should you incorporate them?

You can definitely find protein shakes that are keto-friendly! Image courtesy of Diet Direct.

When you’re on the keto diet, you can expect to get most of your calories from high fat foods, but there is also a portion of daily calories that includes protein. Having protein rich foods such as chicken, red meat, turkey, eggs, etc. is essential to any keto diet, as it keeps your body nourished and helps it continue to work in ketosis. Lots of people like to include protein shakes when they’re trying to lose weight, but is this something you can do if you’re following keto? After all, most of your calories are supposed to come from fats, with only around 20% of your daily intake should be from protein.

The good news is, yes, you can consume protein shakes on keto, but there are a few things you should be aware of first. You’ll want to make sure you read the ingredients on any protein mix to ensure it complies with your keto guidelines. Some protein shakes are keto, while many are not. Because you’re restricting your carbs and protein, make sure that whatever shake you choose is low in carbs and sugar. Whey and casein are two popular types of protein commonly found in protein shakes.

Mix your protein powder with water or keto-friendly milk (not dairy since it’s too high in carbs) and if you want to add any additional flavors, make sure it won’t put you over your daily carb limit. Fruits such as avocados are a good addition, as are veggies like spinach. Be careful adding fruit such as berries as they can quickly put you over your carb limit.

Benefits of using protein shakes on keto

Not everyone on the keto diet decides to incorporate protein shakes into their routine. Using protein shakes while on keto is a great way to ensure you can build muscle while you’re on this diet. So if this is one of your fitness goals, protein shakes could be the right choice for you. Shakes are a convenient, easy way to ensure you’re getting the protein the diet calls for, and perhaps some extra fats if you decide to use avocados or yogurt.

Some of the top benefits of protein shakes on keto include:

  • Exercise support. Protein shakes are a great way to not only build muscle, but they can help your muscles recover after a workout. The amino acids present in the protein help keep the muscles of your body strong, allowing you to endure the physical work it requires to build muscle, as well as repair muscles and maintain them.
  • Helps with weight loss. Since you’re on the keto diet, you’re probably looking to lose weight. Protein shakes that are keto-friendly are designed to help you stay fuller for longer. The type of protein they contain is slowly digested by the body, keeping you satiated and not thinking about snacking.
  • Aides digestion. The protein typically found in shakes (whey or casein) are easily digested, and can even have an anti-inflammatory effect on the gut. This helps decrease any irritation and allows the gut to absorb the nutrients the body needs.
  • Easy to plan. One of the major reasons people on the keto diet turn to protein shakes is for the convenience. They’re designed to replace a meal, or act as a snack, and they’re easy to put together if you’re in a rush or need something filling (that won’t wreck your diet) while you’re on the go. Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time, especially in the morning, and want something filling, that tastes great, and will keep you within the keto guidelines, and protein shakes can check all those boxes!

Favorite protein shakes for those on the keto diet

There are a variety of protein shakes that are keto-friendly, but these are some of our favorites!

WonderSlim Meal Replacement Shake

These protein meal replacement shakes are easy to incorporate into your routine. Image courtesy of Diet Direct.

If you’re looking for a protein meal replacement shake that’s also within the keto diet guidelines, you need to check out WonderSlim’s Meal Replacement Shake. This delicious shake comes in 8 delicious flavors, or you could choose to get the variety pack. No matter what flavor you decide on, your taste buds are going to thank you. You may even forget you’re enjoying a protein shake, it tastes that good!

Each shake contains 15g of casein protein, which is a slow digesting protein that works hard to keep you fuller for longer. The amino acids this protein releases also helps with muscle recovery post-workout, and prevents muscle breakdown. Consistently using this shake as a protein source will help your muscles repair quickly so you can get back at it and build muscle!

These shakes also give your body 24 essential vitamins and minerals, and have only 100 calories per shake. This is a great way to get your protein in if you have a busy day ahead or just want to be sure you won’t be feeling those hunger pains an hour after a meal.

WonderSlim Plant Protein Meal Replacement Shake

Want to try plant protein instead? Then pick up these sustainable shakes! Image courtesy of Diet Direct.

Want all the convenience of a protein shake but prefer plant-based protein? Then you’ve got to pick up the WonderSlim Plant Protein Meal Replacement Shake. Each serving of these shakes contains 15 grams of pea protein, as well as 24 vitamins and minerals that help nourish your body so you can be at your best. Sourced from Canadian-grown peas, this plant-based protein shake is a sustainable way to reach your weight loss goals, and stick to your keto diet. These shakes come in three flavors, as well as a variety pack, and have only 100 calories and one gram of sugar or less. This would make a great addition to your keto routine, as they are gluten-free, kosher, contain no soy or dairy, and only have 4 grams of net carbs per serving.

In addition to pea protein, you’ll also find organic ingredients such as:

  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Pumpkin
  • Cranberries
  • And more!

Enjoy protein shakes on the keto diet!

Including protein shakes while you’re on the keto diet is a great way to get your protein, build muscle, and reach your weight loss goals. Consider picking up some of these delicious shakes and enjoy how convenient they are!