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What’s the Best Way to Get Protein Powder in Coffee?

Main image courtesy of Unsplash.

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks, and people enjoy it in the morning and throughout the afternoon for a quick pick me up, or a soothing way to compliment a meal. Around 2.25 billion cups are consumed daily, which proves that the love of coffee knows no border! And we get it, it’s a great tasting way to start your morning, whether you prefer a traditional hot cup, or want something cooler like iced coffee. 

Lots of folks have coffee because it provides them with the necessary caffeine that makes them feel more awake in the morning so they’re ready for work—or whatever the day has in store. But the taste of coffee is also another reason why this drink appeals to people of all ages and in a variety of cultures. You can have it black and bitter, or spice it up with cream, milk, sugar, and all kinds of flavors. But did you know coffee can also be a great way to get a protein boost? That’s right, if you’ve ever considered adding protein powder to coffee, keep reading because today we’re covering:

  • The benefits of protein powder in coffee
  • Protein powder in coffee FAQs
  • The easiest ways to get protein in your coffee

Why put protein powder in coffee?

The benefits of putting protein powder in coffee

Take advantage of the energy you get from caffeine and say goodbye to hunger with the additional protein. Image courtesy of Unsplash

We all know there are just some days where you need one (or more) cups of coffee. Whether you’re tired because of lack of sleep, or you just need a midday bit of caffeine, coffee is always there to save the day. Not all coffee tastes the same, and we definitely have different preferences when it comes to how we like the beans ground—as well as what we prefer to add to our cup of joe. But we can all agree on the way it makes us feel! 

So if you’re already a fan of the taste of coffee and how it helps you feel more alert, why should you consider adding protein to it?

  • Helps you stay full to promote weight loss. Protein is one of the best ways to ensure you’re satiated and not getting those hunger pangs too early in the day. If you decide to add protein powder to your coffee, this is another great way to make sure you’re full as you start the day (or whenever you enjoy your coffee!) Protein takes longer for your body to digest, which is why you won’t feel as hungry when you enjoy your regular breakfast, as well as a cup of protein coffee. Feeling full can also help you eat less throughout the day, which can lead to greater weight loss.
  • Provides energy for workouts. Have you ever just not had the energy to do your daily workout? We’ve all been there, but we know how important physical exercise is to losing weight and keeping it off. Enjoying a coffee with protein before a workout can give you the boost you need to to accomplish your cardio or strength training goals. The caffeine in the coffee will also help prevent your muscles from fatiguing too early, and the protein will be used by your muscles to strengthen and grow.
  • Helps you meet protein needs for the day. If you have macro goals on your weight loss journey, adding protein to coffee is a great way to meet that limit. If you don’t eat a lot at breakfast, adding extra protein to the coffee will not only help you stay full, but will help you spread out your protein intake. 
  • Can help you feel more focused. The caffeine combined with the vitamins and minerals of the protein powder can improve your mental clarity so that you can focus on what you need to get done. Whether that’s starting off work feeling sharp, or making sure you can concentrate to meet anything the day has in store. 
  • Flavors the coffee. Do you love all the different flavors you can add to coffee but don’t want to deal with the calories and sugar that they contain? You can always pick up flavored protein powder (such as chocolate or vanilla) that will add a bit of flavor without all the extra sugar that cream, syrup, or milk can add. You get a great taste, stay full, and get a boost of energy all in your cup of coffee!

Protein powder in coffee - FAQs

Have more questions about protein powder in coffee?

Protein powder in coffee is a winning combination that can help you feel more focused and full when you start the day. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

If you’ve never considered adding protein powder to coffee before, you may still have some questions.  

Does protein powder break down in hot coffee?

This depends on how hot you like your coffee! And which type of protein powder you’re using. Whey protein is sensitive to heat, so you might want to let your coffee cool before scooping it in, or mix it in a little water beforehand. Alternatively, use iced coffee!

Most people like to brew their coffee and then have it sit and cool for a minute before pouring it into their cup. If this sounds like you, then all you have to do is scoop in your powder after you’ve allowed the coffee to sit for a minute or so. This method works well with collagen protein too. 

The protein powder doesn’t “break down” in a bad way, it will simply dissolve into the coffee so you can enjoy it. 

Will protein powder make coffee creamy?

Protein powder by itself will not make your coffee creamy, you’ll need to add creamer or milk if you prefer coffee a little more creamy. Protein powder is designed to dissolve into the coffee, and if you have an unflavored powder, it shouldn’t taste like anything! However if you have a flavored version, your coffee should taste like that flavor, but without the extra sugar.

Why does protein powder clump in my coffee?

If you find you’re getting clumps in your coffee, make sure you’re storing your protein powder sealed and in a cool, dry place like your cupboard. If that’s not the issue, try mixing your protein powder into your coffee in another way besides a spoon. You can use a shaker cup, a blender, or a milk frother if you have one of those.

Protein powder in coffee calories

Yes, protein powder does have calories! Again it depends on the source of your protein, but one scoop can contain over 100 calories. This is important to know especially if you’re participating in intermittent fasting. You can continue to have black coffee on this diet, but make sure you only have the protein powder with coffee in your calorie consuming window.