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New Protein Granola Mix Brings Portable Power for Your All-Day, Everywhere Lifestyle

If you're like most Americans, you're overworked and overstressed. With the non-stop pace of modern life, finding the energy to get through the day may be all you can muster, let alone working on trying to remedy the situation.

What to look for in an energy-boosting healthy snack option

Convenient, single serve snacking has become increasingly popular as things have gotten increasingly busier. These days, more and more healthy options are available as a grab-and-go-to than ever before. Before tossing them in your bag, however, be sure to take a quick look at the labeling. Does the snack provide enough energy? What else are you consuming that might be buried in the tiny print of the nutrition label?

Many packages that you would assume are single-serve bags actually contain 2-3 servings. This means the actual nutrition information real-world consumption could be much different than it seems. Also, look for the listing of ingredients. If it's really long and full of things you can't pronounce, it might not be the best choice for your daily boost. Protein Granola: Everything in the Mix That a Healthy Snack Needs

While trail mix is a staple for mid-day snacking or fuel on a hike, many of the options are packed with sugars, calories and fat. In addition, the slow-burn energy offered by protein doesn't always stack up. If you're looking for healthy energy or are sticking to a diet, many options don't stack up.

There are trail mixes with healthier ingredients out there, but this often leaves them bland and unsatisfying. That's why we've added a new trail mix to our lineup that combines crunch and health benefits of granola, fruity topical flavors, and is packed with the key energy ingredient: protein. Introducing the all-new WonderSlim® High Protein Granola Trail Mix.Longer-lasting energy and nutrition

When looking for a quality healthy snack that provides energy, high protein, balanced calories, and low fat are a must. Many standard trail mixes don't quite add up, however.

WonderSlim's trail mix is designed for optimal protein, with twice as much (10 grams), with just 6-7 grams of fat (depending on the flavor) and 175 calories or under, per serving. A comparable serving size for a typical national brand's trail mix may push 200 calories and 9 grams of fat, but only coming in with half the protein at just 5 grams.

For more of the hunger-satisfying protein you need, but less of the calories and fat, WonderSlim's High Protein Trial Mix is definitely the ideal option.

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What's hidden in the mix?

Many national brands of trail mix appear to just be a collection of dried fruits, raisins, nuts, or granola. Sounds healthy enough right? When you flip around the package, however, there is a much longer list of artificial colors and flavors added.

WonderSlim trail mix is designed as a the kind of solid all-around healthy choice for snacks that the modern lifestyles require. There are no preservatives and only non-GMO ingredients are used. In addition, it's a gluten-free snack with a short ingredients list of names you can understand and pronounce.

Great care was taken with the protein source, as well. The whey protein used in WonderSlim trail mix is derived milk only from grass fed cows.

Grab, Go, and Give Back

WonderSlim's High Protein Trail Mix lineup features 3 incredible fruity varieties. Each is perfectly portioned to give plenty of fuel in the right size to throw into a purse or gym back on your way out the door.In addition, when you buy a bag of trail mix, you're also helping give back to those in need. Through WonderSlim's partnership with Feeding America, every product you purchase will provide 2 meals* to those in need. The program has helped provide more than 1 million meals since the beginning of 2017.

Try It Today

WonderSlim High Protein Trail Mix is available for purchase directly from our online store. Each purchase comes as a 7-pack of 1.5 ounce bags and is available using our subscribe and save option so you'll save more and never run out.

Packed with 10 grams of protein per serving, gluten-free, non-GMO and a good source of fiber, they truly are the perfect fuel.

Available flavor options:

Blueberry Mango High Protein Granola Trail Mix

Pineapple Coconut High Protein Granola Trail Mix

Apple Cinnamon High Protein Granola Trail Mix

Variety Pack (All 3 Flavors)