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Get More With Less From This New Bariatric Chewable Multivitamin

While doctor prescribed post-weight loss surgery supplementation is extremely important to long-term health (vitamin and mineral deficiency is one of the most common complications post-WLS), sometimes it's much easier said than done. The problem can be the difficulty in taking a large handful of vitamins each day, like a multivitamin plus separate supplements for Vitamin D, B-12, Iron and maybe even others. Or, the issue could simply be the choking experience of not-so-wonderful tasting pills making it a chore to stay on track. If this sounds like you, perhaps it's time to find a better multivitamin.

A New, Tastier Way to Get All-in-One

two bariatric vitamin bottles

We've just added an all-encompassing vitamin and mineral formulation especially developed for bariatric patients from the newest name in bariatric nutrition, My Bariatric Vitamins™ . With just four small chewable, quick-dissolving tablets a day, you'll get 100% or more of the recommended Daily Value of 21 crucial vitamins and minerals, including 1200mg of Calcium per serving.

Most importantly, this all-in-one multivitamin focuses on making your vitamin-taking experience more pleasant in the form of a chewable, fruit-flavored sensation.

If you're looking to simplify your daily supplement regiment with something easier on the schedule and the taste buds, we encourage you to check out these new all-in-one options (including the option to subscribing and saving) for My Bariatric Vitamins here, on

Also check out the nutritional information for the multivitamin, below. Amounts are for one tablet, which would be taken four times per day.

supplement nutrition label for bariatric capsules