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Our Must-Read Bariatric Educational Articles of the Year

At Diet Direct, we are not only continuing to build our online store to be the leading source of bariatric nutrition, but we recently launched our blog to deliver expert nutritional, lifestyle and meal planning guidance before and after weight loss surgery.

Since its launch in late last year, thousands of visitors have read and shared articles from our ever-growing library. Here, we've put together list of the must-read recipes (bariatric-friendly and high protein) plus nutritional tips that were most visited and most shared on Facebook.

#5) Top Exercises for Bariatric Surgery Patients

people exercising and holding their thumbs up

In our post-op guide to fitness, we outline a simple, 12-lesson overview of physical activities that are easy and effective to help get the critical minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day. Beyond simply helping to maintain your weight loss results after bariatric surgery, regular physical activity can also help to tone muscles, boost metabolism, lower blood pressure, tighten any loose skin caused by WLS and much more.

Check out the popular series, which includes everything from goal setting to walking workouts, to sit-down workouts. Begin the exercise series here.

#4) Vitamin and Mineral Needs Post-Weight Loss Surgery

spoon of pills

If you've had gastric bypass or other types of bariatric surgery, you know one of the biggest changes is the body's ability to absorb nutrients. This brings a big risk for potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Our popular overview is a "supplements 101" that discusses the difference between water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, what to look for in a multivitamin, and a functional overview of the top vitamin and mineral supplements required for post-bariatric surgery health.

Learn more here.

#3) Bariatric-Friendly Parmesan Cloud Bread Recipe

parmesan cloud bread

We strongly believe that having bariatric surgery doesn't mean a bland diet for the rest of your life. That's why we work with a registered dietitian to develop exclusive, healthier spins on delicious recipes that are ideal for those who have had weight loss surgery.

This year's most popular recipe was a low carb, high-protein and gluten-free bread perked up with parmesan cheese. It's great as an anytime snack and we also added a breakfast idea for the bread - a high protein scrambled egg sandwich.

View our Bariatric-Friendly Parmesan Cloud Bread Recipe here.

#2) Water & Fluid Needs of Bariatric Surgery Patients

One of the most often overlooked dietary needs and catalyst for weight loss (whether using WLS or not) is water intake. From the operation of the kidneys to natural appetite suppression, studies show that decreases in water intake can cause fat to deposit.

In this post, we discuss the health benefits you know (and ones you may not have known) of getting proper fluid intake, plus discuss the best ways to increase you body's consumption of water and maintain it over time.

Learn more here.

#1) Ten Bariatric Rules to Live By

pencil erasing junk food image

Written by bariatric nutrition expert Sharon Howard, R.D., this must-read guide will walk you through the critical habits she has found must be well-established by the first six months after weight loss surgery.

Tips range from the well-known, like eating slowly and fully chewing food, to warnings on SLIDER foods.

Read Sharon's rules to live by here.

If you've found these articles helpful, be sure to give a boost to your healthy living goals in 2017 by following us on Facebook.