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Make Super-Powered Salads with New WonderSlim Protein-Infused Dressings

With the New Year often comes a rethinking of what and how we eat. More often than not, getting our diets to have less calories, fats or more nutrition means more salads.

Find out some of the hidden dangers in making a satisfying salad, and why we're excited to now offer new WonderSlim salad dressings to help.

Is Your Salad Well-Dressed for the Occasion?


If you've been at it a while, you've probably come up with some decent ways to spruce up the flavor of that bowl of greens...unfortunately, it may be putting a bigger dent in the diet than you'd think. It's apparent what loading up greens with meats, bacon bits and croutons will mean for the health value. What we don't often realize is that one of the biggest factors in making a salad that contributes to healthy eating or weight loss goals is actually the dressing.

Full-flavor salad dressings can turn a bed of healthy veggies into something that outpaces a cheeseburger. One national brand's buttermilk ranch clocks in at 180 calories and 20 grams of fat. And that's in just a 2 tablespoon serving!

In an unfortunate irony, 'light' salad dressings that strip way some of the calories and fat can also leave you far more hungry afterwards. That salad that was intended as a meal may turn into 3 hours of snacking as you try to make it to the next one.

WonderSlim® Diet Salad Dressings are Protein-Infused

spoon pouring dressing over salad

To help bring much-needed taste to salads without sacrificing the health benefits, we've brought onboard an exciting new lineup of WonderSlim salad dressings that take a 3-pronged approach to diet-boosting:

1) WonderSlim salad dressings are low-calorie and and fat-free without sacrificing flavor.

2) These diet salad dressings contain 5 grams of protein each, which satisfies hunger longer so a meal salad doesn't cause the need for excess snacking all the time.

3) Each flavor of diet salad dressing is packaged in single-serve pouches, making them pre-portioned so that you won't use any more or less than you need, plus adding the convenience to take them on-the-go for those desk lunches or sitting in the car.

honey dijon wonderslim

WonderSlim Diet Salad dressings are available in the following flavors:

If you've taken a look at your salad strategy and it's leaving you hungry or not helping you hit daily nutrition goals, try the more flavor and hunger-satisfying option with our protein salad dressings.